Cindy's Colorado Ceramics

Artist Statement

Maple-Leaf Bowl w/Cat Prints
Translucent Green Glaze
Oxidation, Cone 6

My work is an attempt to connect with images prevalent in the natural world. I get great joy looking at the lacy delicacy of a leaf, and I try to bring an organic delight to the objects I create. Whether I use an actual leaf to imprint an image on a piece, or use a doily to recall the intricacies of a snowflake, my work inevitably makes some visual connection to nature.

I think the joy of art is in the actual kinesthetic feel of making it. I enjoy the surprise of opening the kiln to find something permanently etched by nature, and because the work started from the feel of clay in my hand, the connection becomes even more profound.

I hope I can create something that is as long-lasting as clay while, at the same time, provide a reminder to the elusive (and necessarily cyclical) natural world. Such a connection may come in the form of a funky raku fish, or a green dinner platter engraved with leaves, or a plate glazed with colors reminiscent of the desert landscape near my home in Grand Junction, Colorado. Either way, it is when I look to nature to find something that contrasts with the manufactured environments in our lives that I find solace and comfort, and it is that theme that repeatedly shows up in my work.