Cindy's Colorado Ceramics


Raku Fish
Thrown & Hand-Built


I live and work in Grand Junction, Colorado. I recently retired from Qwest Communications after a 34-year career in telecommunications. I started throwing pottery after my three children all left the house and time became more available. It all started as a hobby at the local art center, and as I improved it became a passion. I have been working with ceramics since 1992, and am now a full-time potter.

I have two cats and a dog who make my studio work both challenging and entertaining--especially since the cats like to sleep in bowls I created just for them. Both cats (Sadie and Panda) seem to enjoy stamping their autographs on my work from time to time (and I really don't mind). The dog (Punkin) just recently discovered the fun we were having in my studio, and now helps out by dragging some of the tools into the yard for inspection.

I am currently the Vice-President of the Grand Junction Clay Arts Guild, and am busy organizing workshops and participate in various fairs throughout the Mesa County area (including the Grand Junction Art Center fair in November of every year). See my "Galleries" page to locate some of my current work.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have about my work or this web site.